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Appropriate eye care for the elderly and infirm can provide huge benefits.  Often problems are put down to dementia or old age but there can be a simple reason why a person acts like they do.  If they are ignoring photos of their family it could be because they can’t see clearly.  A pair of reading glasses could make all the difference.  The same goes for people who lie in bed all day with their eyes closed and not communicating.  Perhaps they are confused as to who is in the room as they can’t distinguish between different people.  This is often just put down to them being difficult or their dementia has advanced.

Being able to see properly affects many parts of life including communication, nutrition, mobility, hydration and lots more.  Just because a person has dementia or is old, it doesn’t mean the state of their vision should be ignored.  Their quality of life can still be very much affected by worsening eyesight, cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases and conditions.  Poor hearing can also affect quality of life and could easily be sorted out with hearing aids.

Those in care homes, assisted living accommodation or living independently can often benefit from having a home eye test from a company such a Community Care Opticians.  They will feel more comfortable in their own home and won’t have to travel to the optician on the High Street.  This is especially useful for those with dementia and mobility problems.

Our home visit staff are selected for their empathy, understanding, adaptability and patience.  Where possible they can alter the examination to suit the client’s needs and capability.  We encourage all of our staff to look at each client and ask themselves “if that was my grandmother would I be satisfied with the service I had provided her?”

Call now ☎ 0203 418 8488 or visit www.communitycareopticians.co.uk to find out more or make a booking for an eye test.

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