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An eye test can reveal much more about your general health than the state of your eyes and quality of your vision.  Amazingly more than a quarter of adults in the UK haven’t had an eye test in the last two years.  This is worrying as many conditions can be picked up by a simple eye test.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can go undetected in many people, especially the elderly.  Your optometrist will examine the blood vessels in your eye and can diagnose high blood pressure.


If you have diabetes, an eye test will show some red spots on the eye.  These are tiny dots of blood and they show up easily with an eye test.  The red dots are caused by sugar blocking the blood vessels in the eye.  These then swell and can burst the tiny blood vessels in the retina.  If you don’t have an eye test, diabetes can lead to vision problems and even permanent blindness.  Make sure you get your eyes check regularly.

High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is usually caused by eating a poor diet.  Excess alcohol, snacks and fatty foods cause a build up of cholesterol in your body.  High cholesterol can lead to yellow bumps appearing on the eyelids and white rings round the eyes.  If you think you are suffering from high cholesterol it is essential to see your doctor asap.


An eye test can pick up the presence of a cancerous tumour, which can be dealt with much easier if it is found when it is small.  If you can catch eye cancer before it spreads throughout the body it can often be treated successfully.

Remember to have a regular eye test and always speak with your optometrist if you are concerned about your eyesight at all.  An eye test can put your mind at rest and any problems can be dealt with quickly.

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